Changes ©

The end of the year is near

Time to fill the house with Christmas Cheer!

Put up the Christmas Tree, Sing the Carols,

and run around the shopping mall

for the presents for the ones we hold near.


Christmas is a time to be happy

Christmas is a time to be thankful for all our blessings

But Christmas is also a reminder

that the New Year is coming

Meaning changes are on their way.

What will these changes be?

Will they be good? or will they be bad?

Will we lose or find a new love?

Will our dreams come true?

Will we close a big chapter in our book of life,

pack up, and move to another place?

Changes, allow us to grow

Changes, allow us to learn more

Changes, allow us to re-evaluate our current circumstances

And want us to explore new adventures

I hope a good positive change will happen

for me, you, and all

But for those who get a negative change,

Hold on tight, the road will be bumpy

But once you get to the end,

You will enjoy the rest of the bumpy ride.

I wish you all a beautiful Christmas

And wish you all the best for the New Year

Here’s a clink of champagne glasses,

for the changes to bring more happiness, love and success.

Let 2015 be our year.


The Story of My Life: Chapter: ‘I’m Engaged’ ©

The story of my life

is a bumpy one

filled with love, laughter and

simply happy and beautiful moments.

But also filled with

sadness, loss and mistakes.

Don’t think this is a pity poem,

oh no!

This is just the story of my life,

your life,

The life of a human being

In which it’s best to describe

as the ‘wonderful roller-coaster of life’


Every Story

has a different tale,

different past, different present, different future

But similar feelings now and again

As we are all human beings.

I have written many different


so far in my life,

but I’m happy to say I’m currently

in a happy loved up chapter

One I’d like to write to you about.

‘Chapter: I’m Engaged’

Yes I do now have a ring

on my finger,

which symbolizes the bond

I have with

the one I love

that I love so much.

Last weekend we went

to the Scottish capital,

Beautiful Edinburgh

where we soaked up the sites.

The first site we went to

was the enchanted

Edinburgh Castle,

with amazing great views,

of the city.

Once there,

my love led me to the

highest point

and out from his pocket

he brought out the


And asked the question

that I had dreamt of

since my soul knew he was the


‘Will you marry me?’. he asked

And with the biggest smile

on my face,

I instantly agreed

And then we became officially


And officially ‘fiance’s’

I’m sure you can see

from the poetry blog

you are now on

That I’ve had my moments

of despair

that I’d never find a man to


And a man who loves me,

with no effort or work to

feel this feeling

but just to simply…


I write this poem,

to remind all those that read this

don’t despair, don’t give up


Love does indeed come and go

but once you know, you know

that he/she is the one.

Love is out there, love is around

And if you feel lost, that no one loves you

Here is a message from

The one for you, who is also lost:

‘I don’t know where you are, but…

I love you’

(Official Engagement of DR & SP was Saturday 9th August 2014 at approx. 1pm: Location: Edinburgh Castle, Scotland)

Poetry in Song: Walk The Line, by Iggy Azalea (2014)

Yeah we don’t wanna do anything to scare your children
That’s the last thing we wanna do
We don’t wanna scare anybody

[Verse 1:]
Never said it was fair, but still I never knew fear
Not in a million years could you tell me that I’d be here
I just hopped off that lear, my life on another tier
Lifting glasses for cheers, keep that hating out my ear
From country living to county skipping, this would drive you crazy
Check the rate that they pay me a giant could never slay me
Money never a maybe but never forgot my roots
I heard that the top is lonely I wonder if it’s the truth
So I’m just climbing, paid off rhyming, now I’m shining could be blinding
Ain’t too much real left but right here is where you could find it
This that new… classic, ain’t this what you needed?
I’m what amazing look like, you’ll recognize it when you see it

Not where I wanna be but I’m far from home
Just tryna’ make it on my own
And unless destiny calls I don’t answer phones
This is the line that I walk alone
Ain’t no going back now
Don’t know where I’m at now
Ain’t no going back now
This is the line that I walk alone

[Verse 2:]
I’ve been counted out, I’ve been stepped on
I was wide awake and got slept on
I had everything and then lost it
Worked my ass off, I’m exhausted
All this talking about me, just talk about me
I’m here now, they can’t walk around me
I’m dedicated, flow elevated
Tell every hater hope you never play it, said I’ll never make it
I’m celebrating, and I’m never quitting, no resignation
Took desperate measures out of desperation
I’m a fresh face with no expiration
I know pressure make diamonds so I threw ’em off in this chain
When it’s all on the line
I’m who you want in the game
Cause I’m gonna get it and that’s fo sure
Can’t be like y’all, that’s no go
International, and y’all local, got this locked up just like po-po
Every beat get ate, that’s ocho
Won’t lose oh no that’s Yoko.
Been up down like low lows
Still make my own on my solo.
Had to be here to believe it
Think like winners to perceive it
Here to let ‘cha know that I mean it
If I speak it, And say keep it
This flow, that’s genius
Just think about it, would I think about it?
If I didn’t live it, won’t ink about it
Married to the money, put a ring around it, what?


And everything ain’t the way I planned it
But when the smoke clears I’m the last standing
This lifestyle can be so demanding
But I take off like a plane that ain’t ever landing


Ain’t no going back now
Ain’t no going back now
This is the line and I walk alone

He. Rescued me… ©

I started to panick
I guess I was jealous
But so fearful I’d lose him

I don’t know how many more losses I can have in one life.
But I miss him
So I was moody
Wanting him badly
But jealous of a girl,
From the land of the other side of the border.

I started thinking…
What if she’s prettier?
What if she’s less complicated
Like way way less complicated
I mean I promised myself to keep him happy until the day I die
But even though I’m alive I sometimes feel…like…I’m . Drown..

please God, help me through this. Help me conquer all, help me fight this battle within me. Help me climb this mountain. God, I need you …I don’t think like I did in the past. Help save me from my deamons, once and for all.

And then the one I love rescued me
From the depths of my storm.
And once again, I could rest my eyes, and know I’ll see another day again.

Thank you my saviour. Thank you.