Blue Moon – July 2015 ©

Dear Blue Moon,

Way up high

You have the strength

and energy

to effect all life

Your gravity & pull

nerves us all…

I hope one day

I’ll understand you better

how you effect our sleep

and change my


It’s all about the science

About the space, planets

stars, the sun and

an earthly moon.

Goodnight blue moon,

Goodnight, Goodnight. xx


I think our minds are intertwined ©

I think our minds are


like roots of a tree crossing…



And whilst our minds lay in the ground,

we look forward to spring, when,

we will finally hear the birds chirping

in the tree above,

which as Both our minds know,

will be…

Next weekend 😉


The little baby roots are our hands,

even when we are distance apart,

by the earthy soil and the gentle river

that runs beside our tree.



I just so can’t wait to finally be with you again.

My love, my Superman, my everything.

I love you.