Life is not over, it has just begun ©

Today I smiled

Today I laughed,

Today I cried.


Today was a day,


with emotions…in any sense of the way.


Sent home from work

Thinking my life is over

…But I told myself,

no this is not the case.


As you must always remember;

‘make every experience educational’


‘No matter what life throws at you,

both good and bad remember that life is a roller coaster!’

Stay Strong – life is not over, it has just begun.



Blue Moon – July 2015 ©

Dear Blue Moon,

Way up high

You have the strength

and energy

to effect all life

Your gravity & pull

nerves us all…

I hope one day

I’ll understand you better

how you effect our sleep

and change my


It’s all about the science

About the space, planets

stars, the sun and

an earthly moon.

Goodnight blue moon,

Goodnight, Goodnight. xx

He. Rescued me… ©

I started to panick
I guess I was jealous
But so fearful I’d lose him

I don’t know how many more losses I can have in one life.
But I miss him
So I was moody
Wanting him badly
But jealous of a girl,
From the land of the other side of the border.

I started thinking…
What if she’s prettier?
What if she’s less complicated
Like way way less complicated
I mean I promised myself to keep him happy until the day I die
But even though I’m alive I sometimes feel…like…I’m . Drown..

please God, help me through this. Help me conquer all, help me fight this battle within me. Help me climb this mountain. God, I need you …I don’t think like I did in the past. Help save me from my deamons, once and for all.

And then the one I love rescued me
From the depths of my storm.
And once again, I could rest my eyes, and know I’ll see another day again.

Thank you my saviour. Thank you.