Hi my beautiful, handsome, amazing readers,


As you will notice (for those who have read my blog for a while/popped over to check my poetry posts prior to this evening on Sunday 21st February 2016) – the look of my site has changed!


I do realise it does not look as peaceful and serene as it did before, but I promise this is being worked on as we speak 🙂


I thought it was about time for detox and some ‘beautifying’ time for my poetry site – just like I have done on myself in recent days.


Hold on tight for the next few days/weeks/months or so (I work full time, and have a couple of big life things going on – but I promise once it is complete, it will look nice, new and refreshing).


Hope you are all well.


*Remember to smile both Inside and Out – and look after the little person inside you, as once they are looked after the whole body and the exterior component of yourself will be much better for it *


Take care my lovelies


Lots of love,


D.Roberts xx *hugs* xx


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