Hi my beautiful, handsome, amazing readers,


As you will notice (for those who have read my blog for a while/popped over to check my poetry posts prior to this evening on Sunday 21st February 2016) – the look of my site has changed!


I do realise it does not look as peaceful and serene as it did before, but I promise this is being worked on as we speak 🙂


I thought it was about time for detox and some ‘beautifying’ time for my poetry site – just like I have done on myself in recent days.


Hold on tight for the next few days/weeks/months or so (I work full time, and have a couple of big life things going on – but I promise once it is complete, it will look nice, new and refreshing).


Hope you are all well.


*Remember to smile both Inside and Out – and look after the little person inside you, as once they are looked after the whole body and the exterior component of yourself will be much better for it *


Take care my lovelies


Lots of love,


D.Roberts xx *hugs* xx


Life is not over, it has just begun ©

Today I smiled

Today I laughed,

Today I cried.


Today was a day,


with emotions…in any sense of the way.


Sent home from work

Thinking my life is over

…But I told myself,

no this is not the case.


As you must always remember;

‘make every experience educational’


‘No matter what life throws at you,

both good and bad remember that life is a roller coaster!’

Stay Strong – life is not over, it has just begun.


Blue Moon – July 2015 ©

Dear Blue Moon,

Way up high

You have the strength

and energy

to effect all life

Your gravity & pull

nerves us all…

I hope one day

I’ll understand you better

how you effect our sleep

and change my


It’s all about the science

About the space, planets

stars, the sun and

an earthly moon.

Goodnight blue moon,

Goodnight, Goodnight. xx

Update – 2016 ©

To all my readers, near and far.

I just want to say, I have been busy writing some poetry in my notepad that I have been wanting to share for so long!

So I’ve decided I’ll let you have some snippets.

I’m hoping to get published sometime in the far away future (probably when I’m retired 😛 ), so listened to some publishing companies, who wanted me to change my writing style – in terms of consistency. And apparently I shouldn’t publish too much of my poetry online.

So I tried to listen – but now I’m really wanting to release some new material. – And I must admit wholeheartedly that I miss writing poetry to all you guys! – Hope you have missed me a little as well!

I’m going to aim to publish one poem a week on my blog – however, they will be unfinished. – however I’m yet to decide..knowing me I’ll publish the whole thing!

If you want to see more, please comment and let me know! I love hearing your feedback 🙂

*Hope you are all well*

Lots of love,