Changes ©

The end of the year is near

Time to fill the house with Christmas Cheer!

Put up the Christmas Tree, Sing the Carols,

and run around the shopping mall

for the presents for the ones we hold near.


Christmas is a time to be happy

Christmas is a time to be thankful for all our blessings

But Christmas is also a reminder

that the New Year is coming

Meaning changes are on their way.

What will these changes be?

Will they be good? or will they be bad?

Will we lose or find a new love?

Will our dreams come true?

Will we close a big chapter in our book of life,

pack up, and move to another place?

Changes, allow us to grow

Changes, allow us to learn more

Changes, allow us to re-evaluate our current circumstances

And want us to explore new adventures

I hope a good positive change will happen

for me, you, and all

But for those who get a negative change,

Hold on tight, the road will be bumpy

But once you get to the end,

You will enjoy the rest of the bumpy ride.

I wish you all a beautiful Christmas

And wish you all the best for the New Year

Here’s a clink of champagne glasses,

for the changes to bring more happiness, love and success.

Let 2015 be our year.