He. Rescued me… ©

I started to panick
I guess I was jealous
But so fearful I’d lose him

I don’t know how many more losses I can have in one life.
But I miss him
So I was moody
Wanting him badly
But jealous of a girl,
From the land of the other side of the border.

I started thinking…
What if she’s prettier?
What if she’s less complicated
Like way way less complicated
I mean I promised myself to keep him happy until the day I die
But even though I’m alive I sometimes feel…like…I’m . Drown..

please God, help me through this. Help me conquer all, help me fight this battle within me. Help me climb this mountain. God, I need you …I don’t want..to think like I did in the past. Help save me from my deamons, once and for all.

And then the one I love rescued me
From the depths of my storm.
And once again, I could rest my eyes, and know I’ll see another day again.

Thank you my saviour. Thank you.


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