Bristol protest, July 2014: ©






20140713-064810-24490004.jpg why should there be hatred? Love another! Remember: every argument is due to only one thing a MISUNDERSTAnDIng! Stop and think of the wrongs you have made! So stop following others and ONLY listen to you! And your intuition! You and your soul! Only then will you feel something is not right! But as a wise old man once told me ‘fear that you feel when meeting a dog, and the way they react when jumping on you…that’s a dog saying hey! I want to be your friend’ now think if a dog can try to talk to us that way! Why can’t we! Stop following media, stop reading and listening too much! It’s ok time to time! But remember the media is controlled by the state no matter what. I love my state, but remember the limitations there are for things like this. Stand tall and say…I’m stronger and braver than this…and instead of you being fool. Act weird! Be YOU and NOT a crowd. And listen to alL sides of the story.

This week I shall try to listen to that advise myself. Why don’t you? (D. Roberts)


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