Another sleepless night! ©

Another sleepless night!
When will I ever survive!
Is it due to my date of birth?
Like the sign of the zodiac?
Am I fed up of western bullshit medicine
Yes I fucking well am.
Chinese medicine l, I hear you say,
Where you use the zodiac sign to help chart your health.
Well I do say fuck you western culture
I need to be free again!
In the land of Africa,
In the land of Asia

In the land of anywhere god damn place,
That is not bloody Europe
Feel trapped suffocating , from the wrath of stupid small minds, stupid small talk, and musungus who think they know about the world!

I say you only know the world
If you open an eye and the other closed
Whilst a lion and lioness pass you by .
Then who are you, bloody western culture calling a bloody fool!

Hypocrites right left right and centre, for those that have not lived or even breathed past the borders of their continent

And even if they do say they have
Did they actually LiVE for a year or more in the place

And start to love the language, food people and talk
Ya know wha I mean
Yes I do young sir
Ich komme aus Bristol, in der nahe von Bristol
Oh you do say.

Yep! I need to get out of my home city. I’ve had… eNOUGh!

Scotland I shall see ya soon
(Stressed about exams of the upcoming law exxxxxam in a years time)

But I know, that you know, that I know I can do it!

But to do that I need to enjoy my summer, like I’m. 21 again.

Ayayaya I need some sleep
My bloody back is aching
Aching for change and sleep
And for my …
Fiancé to return 😉

(I know what?! Did she say the f word) :p xoxoxoxoxox


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