Today, a great Inspiration passed away…Maya Angelou ©

Today a great Inspiration passed away,
Maya Angelou,
Was her name.
She stayed in my mind when she was here,
She will stay in my mind now that she has passed.

Maya Angelou,
Inspired my poetry,
Maya Angelou,
Inspired me to be honest
True to myself
And to show the world the real strong person,
Anyone can be.
RIP Maya Angelou RIP

Thank you for everything
Maya Angelou,
Now rest up in the twinkling night sky
And dance with the angels
Rest in Peace
You wonderful, amazing, strong, inspirational woman.

Your time has ended here,
But it is only the beginning,
Up there.


Maya Angelou ©

Maya Angelou, 4 April 1928- 28th May 2014 (aged 86).

One of my biggest inspirations from then, from now, from always. RIP


‘Maya Angelou, you were an inspiration. Thank you for everything you have done for the creative world, and for inspiring me to write poetry. Thank you also for being an amazing woman, an amazing figure for all of us to be proud of, from being mute for five years as a child and working as a prostitute to make ends meet before making your name known in the world of poetry. I hope you’ll never be forgotten, but I know for sure you’ll never be forgotten in my mind.’ (D.Roberts)



Maya Angelou 1

I think our minds are intertwined ©

I think our minds are


like roots of a tree crossing…



And whilst our minds lay in the ground,

we look forward to spring, when,

we will finally hear the birds chirping

in the tree above,

which as Both our minds know,

will be…

Next weekend 😉


The little baby roots are our hands,

even when we are distance apart,

by the earthy soil and the gentle river

that runs beside our tree.



I just so can’t wait to finally be with you again.

My love, my Superman, my everything.

I love you.