May this dream never end ©

His sky blue eyes
looked deep into 
He moved closer
to me, 
so close, that I could
smell his scent
and achingly 
want him more.
We never expected
to fall in love, 
but we have fallen
for each other,
so quickly, so profoundly
I never believed
this could be possible
to be at one
with a man
who loves, respects and cherishes me
and willing to travel
hundreds of miles
by plane, train and foot
to be by my side
every weekend.
I feel like I am in a dream, 
and so scared
someone will wake me 
and tell me
it was all my imagination.
But I know that
no matter what happens
I’ll never forget my Superman,
Kitty Cat and Dimple Twin.
I’ll never forget his strong arms
that hold onto me tightly,
I’ll never forget his eyes
that look at me so brightly,
I’ll never forget his lips
that kiss me so lovingly
I’ll never forget his words
that speak so fantasticly.
I’m so happy and feel 
incredibly lucky
to be the girl in the 
heart of such a 
great man.
May this dream never end.

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