Unlucky in Love ©

Stood up on

once again,

it seems

I’m unlucky in love

as usual

but why am I searching for love?

And not allowing love to search for me

once it is the right time?

First I went on


and met a lovely guy

we met a few times

but after 2 months

it was clear he was not after a relationship

and I felt played around

so had to end

our ‘thing’

we still remain friends

but it’s clear

it will never be more than that

Then there was the


who just wanted to be

in bed with me,

although being in the

heat of the moment

asked me to be his girlfriend

which I thankfully


his behaviour after that

meeting was clear

it was just


that he was after.

And then there was the

‘best friend’ who I had, had

a crush on

for a few years

he declared his

‘love’ for me in August

begged me to go and see him

(must note he lives

on the otherside of Europe to me)

and when I decided not to go,

he begged and begged

pronouncing more lovey dovey

feelings for me

so I decided

why not?

I caught a plane

he kissed me the minute he saw me

and he wanted things

to zoom fast

so I asked things to slow down.

I had a good time,

but it was not meant to be.

Deep down, I knew it,

and he just confirmed it

and I did hurt a little

but thankfully, got over it soon enough.

I bring in the new year

thinking, I will be more lucky in love

how wrong I am…for now at least.

So my colleague

made me join the

dating app, ‘tinder’,

where I happened to be matched

with a guy who seemed a

‘perfect’ match

we got talking,

swapped numbers

and seemed to have a lot in common.

We arranged date no.1,

…he couldn’t make it,

We arranged date no.2,

…he couldn’t make it,

We arranged date no.3,

…and yep, you guessed it,

he doesn’t seem to be able to make it

…in fact I’ve had no communication

from him at all.

So…Dear all potential love interests that come into my life, 

Do NOT play me around, 

as I never do that to anyone.

And if you realise you are just

not into me, 

just say it,

I prefer honesty, than

foolish games

Kind Regards, 


To be honest,

I may sound bitter,

but maybe it is for the best.

I am enjoying my life

as a single girl

and I’m still trying to figure out my life

in my crazy, twenty-something mindset.

And a person,

not even me,

can be unlucky in love

for the rest of their life

…I just have to be patient

and keep enjoying my life to the full,

join new clubs,

learn a new language,

take on a new course

and travel the world

…being single helps me fulfill all these goals


without someone, possibly, dragging me behind.

So for all single peeps

out there,

you’ve heard my story,

I’m sure you have one too

but don’t allow the hunger for love

prevent you from

loving yourself,

and loving life.

You have right now,

Be thankful for all your blessings

And just learn to live

and enjoy every moments.

Love will one day find you

but for now love you

and live your wonderful



The New Year ©

The new year has begun

a blank page is in place

I wonder what words, adventures and experiences

await me in my journey ahead.

Will I be lucky in love?

experiencing the kisses and cuddles

of a prince that loves and cares for me.

Will I journey to a new land

that my feet have not

touched yet?

Will I meet new people

with beautiful stories and

experiences to tell?


Will I realise what my next steps are

for my career and life ahead?

I’m sure that

whatever is ahead

will be a story

that I will not


I wish you, dear reader, the very best for


let you enjoy the roller-coaster this year shall bring

and I hope there will be more smiles

than frowns

and that your new book will be filled

with stories, that will be told and told again.

Happy New Year!