I keep running away… ©

I keep running away,

Locking doors,

Hiding away,

But you still manage a way to

Find me



Why do you keep looking?

I am really not so special

And if I were

Wouldn’t you love me?



You tell me

You’re scared to fall in love

I tell you

I’m scared to get hurt

Are these not part of the same equation

…are we both essentially scared to love and scared to get hurt



I ran away so far

That you could not find me

I tried to hide away

So I could not be remembered

But some how, you still managed

To come back

And still, we are afraid



I’m scared right now,

As I don’t feel like running

You have found me

Once again

And I want to take the risk

If I get hurt

I’ll learn from it

If you fall in love

You will learn from it

If we learn to live, and not live in fear

We’ll learn from it



I wish I could send you

This poem

But that is something

Even now, I can not do

Why, oh why

Why is this so complicated?




I run away

You catch me

I lock the doors

You find the key

I hide

You find me



Why, oh why…won’t you let yourself love me?


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