The light in the man’s eyes. ©

I’m walking home

in the dark,

as I stroll past

muddy puddles

I see a light,

the light

of the kind

man’s eyes

the light

the brightest

in the night sky

even though

he is so far

in a

distant land

how can I see his light

you may ask,

I guess

it must be the

warmth and kindness

that are

transported towards me

in the


loved up


he writes to me.

It is like an

old times


where love letters

are replaced

with love messages

being sent

to and from


from and to


whatsapp message

instead of

a handwritten letter

This man

makes me

smile inside

makes my heart warm

and I must say,

I can’t wait to be reunited


even if it is just a weekend

it will be priceless and special

to finally have him beside


and then the night sky,

will not be dark,

whilst his eyes

shine into mine.


I keep running away… ©

I keep running away,

Locking doors,

Hiding away,

But you still manage a way to

Find me



Why do you keep looking?

I am really not so special

And if I were

Wouldn’t you love me?



You tell me

You’re scared to fall in love

I tell you

I’m scared to get hurt

Are these not part of the same equation

…are we both essentially scared to love and scared to get hurt



I ran away so far

That you could not find me

I tried to hide away

So I could not be remembered

But some how, you still managed

To come back

And still, we are afraid



I’m scared right now,

As I don’t feel like running

You have found me

Once again

And I want to take the risk

If I get hurt

I’ll learn from it

If you fall in love

You will learn from it

If we learn to live, and not live in fear

We’ll learn from it



I wish I could send you

This poem

But that is something

Even now, I can not do

Why, oh why

Why is this so complicated?




I run away

You catch me

I lock the doors

You find the key

I hide

You find me



Why, oh why…won’t you let yourself love me?