Hold my Hand ©

Dear Sammy,
I know you’re scared,
But hold my hand,
Breath in…my lovely,
And breath out,
Feel your muscles,
That are tightened
From the stress and anxiety of this whole situation,

Breath in
Breath out…

I will be here
Till the end of time
Never letting go
I promise I will never run,
I will never hide

…Don’t cry,
You, Sammy, yes you
My lovely, Sammy

WILL get through this
Come here, my dear friend
Hold my hand…

Your loved ones will stay
By your side
No matter what
They will be there
Till the
End of time

And so will I

Whenever you feel the fear
Creeping in
………………..Reach out,
Your hand,
And mine will be right
Squeeze tight

Everything will be

Stay hopeful my lovely,
Do not give up

This situation will
Not win
Oh no,
My lovely,
My dear
No it will not,

Because you,
Yes YOU,
Will win and conquer
This C.
YOU will

And I shall be at the end
Cheering you on
With a cheerleading
‘Go Sammy, Go Sammy, GO’

Lots of love,

A friend


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