Flashing Neon Lights ©

The week was long

It was stressful

all I wanted

was your caring words

to support me

I should have known

even before

that I could not be

that one

to share that type of


And then you cancelled


the 10th time

in our short

‘whatever it was’

I started to like you

I am sure now

I was falling for you


I caught myself before I

hit the ground

It’s clear, and I should have seen

the flashing neon lights

screaming to me

‘He’s not into you’,

‘Your not special enough for him’

But, thank God…I saw them flashing

last night

and I had to end this ‘thing’ we had

because I know

I deserve better, and I need to protect myself,

before it hurts too much

I don’t think I am broken-hearted,

I just think it hurts

to know you didn’t care


it kinda feels

empty in my heart now

but not so much pain

as I felt once before

I will be ok

I know it

I will stop my search for my prince

I think right now

I need to rescue me

and have life without love for a while

as maybe it will tap me on my shoulder

unexpectedly in sometime

and then maybe

I will be ready.

will see…


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