Economic Meltdown and War ©

I watch the news

another economic devastation

There was Greece, Spain, Ireland

and now


how many more countries

will face

devastating economies

how many more families

will become poor

It is not only the news

of dear Cyprus

that sticks in my mind

but how can one forget

the Crisis

in Syria

3 years they say

it has now lasted

so many children, elderly, women and men


both within and outside

of the country

they call home

How as humans

how can we allow others

to suffer

for our own disputes

how much destruction

and suffering

can one nation


How is it possible

that war can be a


to any problem

I hope and pray

that Syria

will have peace


peace in the

near future

for the militia, on both sides

to realise

they destruction

they are leaving around them.

Right now,

the 2 countries,

Syria and Cyprus

are suffering

in 2 different situations

one with war

one with economic meltdown

the people of

these nation states

are now thinking

what do our future

now hold.

And I can only wish

for peace, health,

community and family strength

and for their futures

to be filled with blessings

for one

should not endure

so much suffering.


I got the Job! ©

I got the job,

I got the job,

I run around and scream,

‘I Got the Job!’

It may be small,

It may not be tall,

but all I care,

is that,

I got the Job!

Time Spent in the house,


of trees with money,

Time spent in the home,

bored of,

time alone,

Time spent in the home,

wishing for time to go,


But here, here, everybody,

grab a beer,

and here me scream,

‘I Got the Job!’