Life is hard….Shine like a Star ©

Life is hard

but it is fun

Life has challenges

but we have fun

Don’t feel alone

for most

have troubles

just make


You have fun.

It is a


every year

is a

bumpy ride

those who


will be


for always

have a

big heart

and don’t hate

always love

even those


run away

for they may come back

Life is fun

be positive

don’t hold back

enjoy the


no matter

what happens

Trust in yourself,

those who love you

will always cae

just remember

life is fun

In hard times

You must Stay Strong

Just keep praying

and you will be


for me I pray

‘for safety, health and happiness’

It is hard at times

to remember you

remember me

for me, I mean you

are  number 1

you are your own

shining star

so keep your Twinkle

by making

Number 1 happy

for once you Twinkle

like a Shining Star

you will be

Number 1 for those

around you.

Take care and shine like a star

and have fun my Shimmering Star!


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