I went to the Pub Today ©

I went to the pub today

with a dear friend

a friend from school

which I only

began to knew

this year

We chatted


and drincked



was our night

a night

where 2 friends

could chill

and relax

and remove

the troubles

of the week

left behind

Our lives are different

but our home

is the same

our dear beloved


the city we



the city, that

we call home.

She is a mother

working as

a dental nurse

I am a writer


no commitment

except to

keep oneself

busy and one’s life


So we sat

in the pub

I should say

it was a


British affair

Some people

going to drink

to get drunk

whilst others

chatted with their

their partners

or friends

and laughter

filled the air.

We chatted relationships

from this

I question

am I, yes me

am I

am I


 to be with another

I want the loving bond

but I want to recharge my batteries

whilst on the other hand

it would be nice

to hold hands

have cuddles

and to be close

to another

The way my last


did really

break my heart

but I feel strong

I feel me

and I feel ready

to try again

for I fear

time on my own



to time alone

from now


forever more

due to the

fear of hurting


But again, I say,

let’s see

Only time will tell

What should be

for my horoscope

tells me

this will be

a good year.

Now let’s just be patient

and be optimistic

and all I can say


Let’s wait and see…


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