A Rainy February Afternoon ©

A rainy February


the clouds are grey

the ground is wet

little children

splish and splash

in the puddles

in their brightly coloured


A rainy February


the day before

the day for loved ones

those who have a


running to get

their cards and presents

running around

with their big umbrellas


drip, dropping onto them

A rainy February


a day where many decide

to stay in

probably like you

to be inside in the warm

with a hot mug of tea

coffee, something warm

to feel

that umph of warmth

in this

cold, wet, windy day

A rainy February


The  trees dance around

with their friend

the wind

who glides them to the

left and

glides them to the


the rain

trickling down

to make them

cool off

Enjoy your rainy



whether inside or out

splish, splashing,

drip, dropping,

umphing with warmth,



enjoy every moment

of this lovely

rainy February afternoon.


I went to the Pub Today ©

I went to the pub today

with a dear friend

a friend from school

which I only

began to knew

this year

We chatted


and drincked



was our night

a night

where 2 friends

could chill

and relax

and remove

the troubles

of the week

left behind

Our lives are different

but our home

is the same

our dear beloved


the city we



the city, that

we call home.

She is a mother

working as

a dental nurse

I am a writer


no commitment

except to

keep oneself

busy and one’s life


So we sat

in the pub

I should say

it was a


British affair

Some people

going to drink

to get drunk

whilst others

chatted with their

their partners

or friends

and laughter

filled the air.

We chatted relationships

from this

I question

am I, yes me

am I

am I


 to be with another

I want the loving bond

but I want to recharge my batteries

whilst on the other hand

it would be nice

to hold hands

have cuddles

and to be close

to another

The way my last


did really

break my heart

but I feel strong

I feel me

and I feel ready

to try again

for I fear

time on my own



to time alone

from now


forever more

due to the

fear of hurting


But again, I say,

let’s see

Only time will tell

What should be

for my horoscope

tells me

this will be

a good year.

Now let’s just be patient

and be optimistic

and all I can say


Let’s wait and see…

Life is hard….Shine like a Star ©

Life is hard

but it is fun

Life has challenges

but we have fun

Don’t feel alone

for most

have troubles

just make


You have fun.

It is a


every year

is a

bumpy ride

those who


will be


for always

have a

big heart

and don’t hate

always love

even those


run away

for they may come back

Life is fun

be positive

don’t hold back

enjoy the


no matter

what happens

Trust in yourself,

those who love you

will always cae

just remember

life is fun

In hard times

You must Stay Strong

Just keep praying

and you will be


for me I pray

‘for safety, health and happiness’

It is hard at times

to remember you

remember me

for me, I mean you

are  number 1

you are your own

shining star

so keep your Twinkle

by making

Number 1 happy

for once you Twinkle

like a Shining Star

you will be

Number 1 for those

around you.

Take care and shine like a star

and have fun my Shimmering Star!

I Promise ©

It may be a hard road

but I tell you child

it’s called the rollercoaster

the rollercoaster of


But hold my hand

and be Strong.

For you will get through this

I promise

you will get through this hard time

my child

sit up straight

and wipe your tears

I promise

Tomorrow is a new day.

The worries you carry

my dear lovely child

are a bucket load

that I want you to share

share with those that

love you


dear child

the ones that fear you.

I promise

you will get through this hard time

my child

sit up straight

and wipe your tears

I promise

Tomorrow is a new day

Mama loves you

and so does papa

so does your step mum

and step dad

your aunties

and uncles

your sisters and brothers

and your cousins

these I promise

are the ones

that love you

I promise you will get through this hard time

my child

sit up straight

and wipe your tears

I promise

Tomorrow is a new day.

(whisper) ‘Don’t worry my lovely the time will

come and your princess/prince will

save you, and you will know when

you will meet them for you will

fight for no one as much as them…

…now hush dear child…

and close your eyes’