Day 1 ©

The night alone in my thoughts

was restless

The morning awoke with a phone call

from a friend

a dear friend for me

She, was in tears

another love story

that she does not want to end

the boy (28) did not want the R word

he played her

for sexual pleasure

and she, thought she could handle it

she thought they would eventually

be as one

but no

her heart cried, not 1,

not 2,

but many times

why I ask myself

does our heart have to pain

the pain of love

is always deep

For me, each person that I have loved

for me to run away

and cut the strings

the pain

is deep

so deep

your heart cries

even if  tears

do not appear

on your smooth face

but I say young girl,

I say young guy

I say to you woman, man

whoever you are

‘chin up’

You will make it Through

Your achievements are not

because of your love

who you are now

is because of you

learn to live


Stay Strong

Keep Going

You are not alone

Your Family, Friends,

Your best friends,

who are your

sisters and brothers

They will be there

They will support you

Now wipe away the


stand up

and shout it in your mind,

‘I will Climb this Mountain,

And I, yes You, yes me, yes I,

yes [insert name] will

climb it…And when I am at

the Top I will stand still and….

Smile with my Heart, my Big

Beautiful and Strong Heart’

with all my love….<3


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