The Break…up. ©

I broke his heart

I broke mine

We were once one

but now are two

We loved and cared

but I brought dispair

I broke his heart

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times

I loved him

I still love him

I know my love will last all time

But all I know

is we are not meant to be

no, not me and he

We are meant for others

other people who need

to learn the meaning

of love

long, strong, caring love.

I hope one day

He will write

and tell me all of his achievements.

He is destined for greatness

more than he can imagine.

I hope we will

become good friends

friends to last all time

but right now

we need space,

he needs to mend his heart

be with someone

who will not

break his no more

And I need to repair

my heart

to learn to love myself,

me, myself and I

I need to love myself

once again.


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